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This section is a Business-to-Business directory for Jewellers and many other associated businesses of the diamond and jewellery industry in Australia and other countries - such as Belgium, India, Israel, etc.

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Diamond Manufacturers, Diamond Wholesalers, Diamond Setters, Gemstone Merchants, Jewellery Wholesalers, Jewellery Photographers and much more.

Our Business-to-Business section is a one-stop directory for helping jewellery business owners and diamond suppliers buy and sell their products, and it's growing by the day. The Diamonds Directory is the ultimate business directory for the diamond and jewellery industry. Note: Most of the businesses listed in this section only deal with other businesses and not the public. Members of the public - please use our please use our public business directory to find what you are after.

The difference between a Diamond Wholesaler, a Diamond Merchant and a Diamond Manufacturer.

Diamond Merchants

A diamond merchant is a general description for a business that trades in diamonds. It does not specify whether they deal with the public or deal only with other businesses. So they can be a retailer or a wholesaler of diamonds, or they can sell diamonds to both the public and other businesses. Many successful merchants either deal with the public or with other businesses. It's rare that they can be both, since most jewellers won't buy diamonds from a diamond merchant that is competing against them, which is understandable.

Diamond Wholesalers

A diamond wholesaler is a more specific description for a business that sells diamonds to other businesses only, such as jewellers. There are many businesses out there that claim to be diamond wholesalers even though they only sell to the public and not to other businesses. There is nothing wrong with selling diamonds at wholesale prices to the public, but technically if a business is selling exclusively to the public (even if their prices were the cheapest in the world) they are still not technically a wholesaler. They are a retailer, as "Retail" describes Business-to-Public trading and not Business-to-Business trading. However retailers can still sell diamonds at wholesale equivalent prices, since they are not controlled on how much they can charge their customers, and many retailers now-days can buy diamonds directly from diamond cutters / manufacturers. Nothing wrong with selling cheaper diamonds to the public, however we believe that it's not appropriate that some businesses describe themselves as wholesalers when they sell exclusively to the public.

Diamond Manufacturers

A Diamond Manufacturer is a business that buys the rough diamonds (usually directly from De Beers) and will cut (manufacture) them to create polished loose diamonds, ready for mounting in jewellery. Diamond manufacturers are usually wholesalers as well, as the expense involved of being a manufacturer is usually not viable if they trade with the public, since they need to sell diamonds in bulk and quickly (at the minimum wholesale price.) They also have to protect the relationship with their trade clients and as such they can lose many of them by selling to the public, as it will be a conflict of interest. So In general - only businesses such as diamond wholesalers and jewellers will be able to buy directly from a diamond manufacturer.
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